Float Fishing Kit - ST

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STS Fluorocarbon Leader (Lb. Test): 10 lb.
Stick Weights - Tungsten (Size): 1/4 oz - (3 pack)
Steelhead Slip Floats (Size): 3/8 oz

This kit includes all the tackle and gear we personally use on the river. Everything you need to get on the water and be successful chasing winter steelhead is in this pro kit.

Save 20% off retail by purchasing this pro steelhead kit!

STS Fluorocarbon Leader

3 packs - Nova Slip Floats

Tungsten Stick Weights

Terminal Tackle Box

Nova Octopus 1/0

Nova Octopus #1

Rosco Snap Swivels #5

Weight Sliders

Float-Bobber Stops (10)

Glow Rigging Beads (20)

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