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Salmon float fishing tackle and gear.


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Made in USA
Made in USA
Made in USA
Made in USA
Made in USA
Made in USA
Ultra Twitch Jigs
Made in USA
Rabbit Jigs
Octopus Hooks - Light
Terminal Tackle Box
Soft Bead Stops
Made in USA
Krill Anise Oil
Made in USA
Weights - Steel
Made in USA
Stick Weights - Steel
STS Fluorocarbon Leader
STS Fluorocarbon Leader Sale priceFrom $12.55
Sold out
Float Stops
Made in USA
Yarn Balls - UV
Elevated Fishing
Yarn Balls - UV Sale priceFrom $6.00
Aero-Floats AF-3
Hawken Fishing
Aero-Floats AF-3 Sale priceFrom $5.75
Made in USA
Barrel Swivels
Barrel Swivels Sale price$3.75

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