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Luhr Jensen | Where Legends Live

Luhr-Jensen, a company known world-wide for its quality fishing lures and accessories, had its start in an unused chicken coop on a depression-ridden fruit ranch in the upper Hood River Valley of Oregon. It began in 1932. Luhr Jensen Sr. was 41 years old and the grip of the Great Depression had strained the ability of his family’s fruit growing business to support them. With time on his hands and a manually-operated printing press, for which Luhr had dies made from old truck parts, the skilled angler began stamping, assembling and polishing meticulously crafted salmon spinners. The knowledge behind his spinners assured their performance and the quality of their construction solidified their value. Friends and associates began demanding them, and so a business was born in his little backyard chicken coop factory. By 1934 Luhr had a handful of employees cutting, assembling and polishing spinners, and with his teenage son and daughter working after school, the business grew. They worked hard and the company prospered. Luhr continued to create new lures, such as the still-famous Ford Fender, named after the Model A from which he obtained the headlight reflector and built the blades. Luhr Jensen Sr. has long since passed, but over seventy years later, Luhr-Jensen products still sit firmly upon a foundation of knowledge, performance, quality, and value… evident in the timelessness of the Krocodile, Super Duper and Ford Fender, the ingenuity of the Dipsy Diver, Hot Shot and Jet Diver, the superiority of the J-Plug, Kwikfish and Needlefish. Each and every Luhr-Jensen product continues to take shape simply, born from an idea of a skilled angler. In the beginning the challenge was the Great Depression. Today, it’s the challenge of each new day on the water.


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