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Join our influencer program to get significant discounts on Steelhead Stalkers Tackle including our popular soft beads and worms as well as discounts on all the other great tackle we sell. In addition you can provide your followers and fans discounts on all of our tackle and you get a commission on every sale!

Discounts for Influencers

Use the discount codes below at checkout to get your influencer discount. Discount codes can be used independently or combined at checkout. You get free shipping if you spend $75 or more.


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Get exclusive discounts on Steelhead Stalkers tackle as well as great deals on other premium tackle we sell. Once you are approved for an influencer account you will get a custom link to share with your follwingers and fans. This gives them a discount and you a commission on every order! Fill out the info below to be considered for our Influencer program.

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